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The 2013 Person of the Year of the Ethiopian-American Forum is Ethiopian-American scientist Dr. Aberra Molla. It is an honor to name Dr. Aberra who is an inventor, a researcher, a writer, an activist and an entrepreneur, as a Person of the Year 2013. 

Read below the summary of Dr. Aberra Molla's major achievements.

To recognize Dr. Molla as a Person of a given year is long overdue. However, Dr. Molla's work got more and more public attention in the year 2013 through the media such as Voice of America (VOA), Ethiopian Television ( ETV),  German Radio ( DW), etc.  Therefore, it is time to praise him forthe work well done!


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 Dr. Aberra Molla Interview on ECTV 1992 (፲፱፻፹፭ ዓ.ም ... - YouTube

 Dr. Aberra Molla interview on ETV 9/26/2012 - YouTube

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The young Aberra Molla demonstrating science to

Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, the royal family

and guests (1965).














Inspired by the creator of the Amharic typewriter, Ethiopian engineer

Ayana Birru of Horo Gudru, Wellega; Dr. Aberra computerized

Ethiopic/Geez more than 25 years ago. [1] However, replacing the

Latin character with Ethiopic character parts of the Amharic typewriter

[2] was not a viable option for Dr. Aberra because there were more

Ethiopic characters than the Latin alphabet keys. Therefore, he invented

a method for computerizing Ethiopic, its layout and character entry.

That for the first time enabled Ethiopians to use their alphabet and

languages on computers. He was unable to protect his technology in

Ethiopia as patenting was alien there at the time, though his primary

interest was to share the royalty with Ethiopians while encouraging

respect for intellectual property. Dr. Aberra is also known as the father

of Ethiopic. [3] More recently, he invented a method of rendering the

more than 564 Ethiopic Unicode glyphs on computers utilizing at most

two keystrokes each and he has pending United States and

Ethiopian patents. [4] He made his novel technology freely available

on the Internet so that Ethiopic users search and type in Amharic for

free. [5] Dr. Aberra’s invention includes Ethiopic character entry for

Agew, Amharic, Awingi, Bilen, Bench, Dawro, Dizi, Gamo Gofa, Geez,

Gumuz, Guragie, Meen, Mursi, Oromiffa, Suri, Tigre and Tigrigna glyphs

as well as numerals, symbols, tonal marks and new characters totaling

more than 564 glyphs. [6]






In his political practice Dr. Aberra believes in working together across

political differences.  He was touched by the late PM Meles Zenawis

speech at the World Food Summit in Rome regarding the Obelisk of

Axum asking the Ethiopian diaspora to help with its return from Rome

to Axum, Ethiopia. [7] This was because the Italians refused to return

it in accordance with a 1947 United Nations agreement and the last

excuse was lack of money. Annoyed by the attitude of Italian

leaders, [8] Dr. Aberra wrote a letter to President Bush and a few

senators and congressmen to help with transportation or its cost. He

sent e-mail to Professor Richard Pankhurst, who spearheaded the

effort to return the Obelisk, informing him that he would continue to

help while updating him with the details. He also sent an e-mail to the

Italian Embassy asking if "it is not possible to cut the pieces to smaller

parts and fly them back in smaller airplanes? If this is a viable option,

it may be possible to raise the money on the Net. I am thus writing

this e-mail to get your input before I set up an Internet site to raise

the money on the WWW to cover the cost. I would also appreciate it

if you let me know how much this heritage move would cost and

where to send the money." [9] A secretary at the embassy responded

by writing that the Italian government has decided to pay for the

transportation and he was thus advised to raise money to feed the

starving Ethiopians instead of using it to carry pieces of stones. That

was followed by an e-mail from another claiming that the information

Dr. Aberra found on the Internet was misleading as the Italian

authorities were still negotiating with other countries to find a suitable

airplane. Anyway, the threat cornered the Italian government and the

Obelisk was returned to Axum at the expense of the Italian government.

Professor Pankhurst published the congratulatory e-mail he received

from Dr. Aberra Molla when the Obelisk arrived in Axum. [10] [11]



In 1994 Dr. Aberra wrote an article on the Ethiopic calendar and its

relationship to other calendars. When Pope Benedict the XVI published

that the Julian and thus the Gregorian calendars may have been wrong,

Dr. Aberra wrote him an open letter thanking him for bringing up the

issue that has been ignored as "the difference between the Ethiopian

and Julian calendars most likely appeared only after Exiguus came up

with Anno Domini  in 525 A.D." [12]





He has tackled and continued to research on topics such as the

Ethiopic alphabet [13], Ethiopic calendar [14] Ethiopian millennium, [15]

Ethiopian Year 2000, [16] Ethiopian languages, [17]  Ethiopian plants, [18]

AIDS, [19] etc. publishing on the Internet in Amharic and English. He

published and argued with the responsible Ethiopian party that the

Ethiopian millennium starts at the beginning of 2001; not 2000. When

issues got out of hand as when the fake Amharic typewriter parts

distributed on less than 128 spots were submitted as proposed Unicode

characters, he presented the real Ethiopic with over 480 characters and

published at his Ethiopic.com about the alphabet defending his

position. [20] He continued to successfully defend the right of minority

language characters and their inclusion in Unicode and the right of all

Ethiopic glyphs to be rendered with no more than two keystrokes

each. [21] While he is at it he has been correcting errors neglected for

a while with Ethiopic phonemes such as "he"  and "ea" series and glyph

structures with "chhe" varieties. [22]







Among the research by Dr. Aberra is one that has turned out to be a

panacea for immune deficiency of neonatal animals such as

calves. [23] Calves are born immune deficient and they receive

immunity from colostrum after birth. Failure of passive transfer is

responsible for predisposing millions to sickness and death annually.

Not only did he experimentally prove that the forestomachs of the

newborn ruminants work, he managed to bring the incident of failure

of passive immunity to almost zero by showing that large volume of

colostrum can be fed by stomach tube and the rumen can empty itself

and colostral antibodies absorbed. [24] To go along with his solution of

ensuring passive immunity, he invented and patented [25] a one-minute

field test to assess the level of immunoglobulins in colostrum of cows or

the blood of calves. His research has also resulted in intubation being a

new method of drug and fluid administration. [26] He is responsible for

saving millions of lives of ruminants since the late 70s by eliminating a

type of immune deficiency similar to terminal AIDS. [27] [28] [29] Since

publication of his research, even the proper use of human colostrum has

improved along with the appearance of a colostrum industry. [30] He is

recognized as one of the worlds famous veterinarians. [31]





Dr. Aberra is a pioneer that for the first time moved the Ethiopic alphabet

from the Ethiopian printing press to computers. As a CEO of the company

he established, Ethiopian Computers & Software of Colorado, he used

Microsofts Disk Operation System (DOS) by Bill Gates for his ModEth

Ethiopian word processer released in 1987. [32] [33] [34] He later took

the Ethiopic to Windows as EthioWord, an add-on to Microsoft Word in

1993 and GeezEdit in 1994 for Ethiopic Unicode. Other products include

EthioDuit and EthioConvert. He also developed and marketed an Ig Test.

The last few years were devoted to introducing his new Ethiopic character

entry known as ABSHA system with three applications - a web site for

typing in Amharic in Windows and Mac platforms for free, a commercial

GeezEdit 2.0 application and an EthioSuite not yet released. [35] Over the

years Dr. Aberra has been known to many. [36] [37] These include

recognition by the Ethiopian Research Council for computerizing Ethiopic

and revolutionizing the Geez script in 1990, interviews by the

Voice of America, Ethiopian Cultural Television, Denver Post, Deutsche Welle,

Ethiopian Radio in Australia and other news outlets such as the Amharic

ሮዝ መጽሔት. He was one of the nominees for Ethiopian of the millennium. [38]

However, his contributions came to light more recently with the release of his

free typing and search page and his appearance on Ethiopian Television [39]

as well as interviews on Voice of America [40] and Deutsche Welle [41] radio

on the 40th anniversary of the cell phone invention. Other issues he covered

on these interviews include vaccine production as well as meat consumption, 

topics with proprietary information. He was twice recipient of heroism awards

by the United States Government for his contribution in stopping the spread

of foot and mouth disease in England. Other recognitions came from Ethiopian

communities in Texas and Colorado.  Dr. Aberras work is also available in

Amharic at Amharic Wikipedia [42] 


Conclusion: For more information and references please see the more than

300 entries associated with Dr. Aberras work at Amharic Wikipedia.







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