Editors' Note Print
CUD has chosen to use its "Mafia" wing of the party to scare the author of our letter to Senator Inhofe dated November 8, 2007 by resorting to personal threats instead of debating the issues. We have identified the individuals responsible for such threats and those individuals happened to be members of CUD. As a result we have decided to take legal steps against those individuals and CUD.
Few months ago, CUD's "Mafia" group threatened on the air to arrange a car accident and use other means to hurt Dr. Ephraim Isaac.  Therefore, it is time to teach those individuals and CUD a lesson. We would like to state that the Statute of Limitation in Arizona is 2 years and we will file a lawsuit anytime within the next two years.  We are compelled to take such a firm stand in order to protect our participants in our forum and allow free debate to take place. On the other hand, we invite Dr. Alemayehu and others to respond to our letter to Senator Inhofe if they wish to continue our debate on HR 2003.  We promise to post the debate on our website in its entirety as long as it is free from personal attacks or threats.
In the future, we will not be discussing about personal threats or attacks in order to avoid tabloid journalism. Instead, we will be filing lawsuits against CUD and its "Mafia" group.