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 The Ethiopic Millennium

By Dr. Aberra Molla                                     

A few years ago I wrote about the Ethiopic Calendar and I appreciated  the compliments I received from many readers. Yet, some have continued to confuse year 2000 with two millennia. As a result, they have erroneously started counting down the days to the beginning of the third millennium to the beginning of Ethiopic year 2000. This is wrong since Ethiopian year 2000 is the last year of the second millennium. Just as a child becomes a year old at the end of a year, the second millennium ends at the end of year 2000.   

The new millennium begins on Meskerem 1, 2001 E.C. (MsKRm 1 Qn 2001 ]!m!). If the birth of Christ is a new era for Christians we might as well get ready to celebrate the new millennium with Ethiopians in the year 2001 E.C. on September 11, 2008 G.C.


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