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Don't glamorize insurgents 

Re "Ethiopia's war on its own," Opinion, Feb. 25

Ronan Farrow sends a misleading message about Ethiopia's effort to battle international terrorism and local insurgents. The article failed to study the geopolitical intricacies of the Horn of Africa and the emergence of terrorism as a weapon of proxy war by a rogue regime in the region.

He quoted a single person in Kenya claiming Ethiopian security forces were responsible for human rights abuses, but the "separatist rebels" had merely carried out a few attacks. To set the record straight, as recently as last April, the Ogaden National Liberation Front, or ONLF, with the military and financial support of the Al Itahid Al Islamia and Union of Islamic Lords, massacred 74 Ethiopian and Chinese oil exploration workers inside the Somali region of Ethiopia. The separatist ONLF, in collaboration with the Al Shebeb jihadist operation, has murdered dozens of local government officials and clan leaders and targeted civilians by planting mines on roads.

The Ethiopian government acted responsibly to bring the perpetrators to justice. Peace and stability are now largely reestablished, enabling the free flow of humanitarian assistance to the Ogaden region.

The best way to check international terrorism is neither by hiding one's head in the sand nor by glamorizing insurgents and misrepresenting them as liberators.

Ambassador Taye Atske Selassie
Consul General of Ethiopia, Los Angeles

On the record statment of the respected senator Russ Feingold (March 3. 2008)

US Senator Russell Feingold

Washington, DC
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On the record Statement of the respected Senator Russ Feingold (March 3.2008)

Political Crisis in Ethiopia


March 4, 2008

Dear  Senator,


Thank you for taking your time and showing concern about Ethiopia.  The US- Ethiopia partnership is indeed important for both nations – perhaps considering Ethiopia being host  of the African Union and the second populous African nation and with stable, consistently fast growing economy highest of all non-oil producing African countries, it is real important to the US.  As you had spoke about, the horn neighborhood have all kinds of troubles that should include Eritrea, which I felt that you had conveniently forgot to mention.

Senator Feingold failed to make impartial assessment of Ethiopia.

Senator Feingold failed to make impartial assessment of Ethiopia.
Mekonnen Kassa                                                                   

 March 5. 2008

On March 3, 2008, Wisconsin Senator Feingold took the respected Senate floor to spread fear citing unconfirmed "credible accounts", to defame the Ethiopian government, and to declare his cynical appraisal of state of affairs in Ethiopia to date as "the political crisis that has been quietly growing and deepening over the past few years may be coming to a head."

Congressional Record Statement of Senator Russ Feingold
HR 2003

"Ethiopian American Forum: why are you Hodam representing a TPLF regime?"
If it were not for the stolen election of May 2005 and the measures the Ethiopian Government took in its aftermath, we would not have had a bill formulated condemning the TPLF-led Government. The US Congress is not obliged to pass bills every time any government commits transgressions, even if the government contravenes international human rights laws and conventions.
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