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Clinton ends historic bid, endorses Obama Print E-mail
In major speech Clinton throws her "full support behind him."
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Received Africa Leadership Award Print E-mail
A U.S.-based Newspaper and the Africa Achievement Award Committee honored Meles in a colorful ceremony held at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, California.
Many happy returns of May 28th Print E-mail

Many happy returns of May 28th


By: Mulugeta Aserate Kassa

This year's Ethiopian calendar has highlighted 28thMay as "The fall of the Derg." I am, however, somewhat not at ease with the choice of this appellation. The present title of the public holiday is neither emphatic in reflecting the landmark nature of the occasion nor high-lights the sea change in attitudes brought about by 'the big bang of 28th May 1991.' Mind you we are aware, are we not, that we are ecstatic not only because we all have succeeded in overthrowing a bunch of wayward, not to say trigger-happy, Dergs nor are we simply observing the end of our national night-mare. For Ethiopians, save Ethiopia's gloom-and-doom politicians (followers of "Alekelat Ethiopia" school of thought) however, 28th May is short-hand for all the benefits which we had accrued in all areas of our national life. That is why it behoves it right for the House of Peoples' Representatives to consider replacing the title of the public holiday. My humble suggestion of "Freedom and Democracy Day" might be worthy of the House's gracious attention. On the other hand, I do hope churches and mosques in Ethiopia too, will be divinely inspired to declare the same date Ethiopia's "Thanksgiving Day." Do not let us forget freedom of worship was also one of the main casualties of Derg's Reign of Terror.
Statement at the conclusion of the 2008 Article IV Consultation Mission to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
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