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Questions to Prime Minister Meles Print E-mail
To:            Our Readers
From:       Araya Wolde-Giorgis, Ph.D  Chairman, Ethiopian-American Forum
Subject:   The questions that were submitted to the Prime Minister
We would like to notify our readers that our Vice Chairman, Ato Yared Bekele Mekonnen went to Ethiopia recently and personally submitted the following questions to the Office of the Prime Minister, H.E. Ato Meles Zenawi and we are hoping to get a response from the Prime Minister shortly.  We promise to post the said responses as soon as we receive them.  In the mean time, if the opposition or any individual would like to comment on those questions or pose additional questions, we will post on our website without any change as long as they are relevant to the burning issues of our time.
Happy Ethiopian New Year!!
Ethiopia's Response to Human Rights Watch's latest report Print E-mail

Human Rights Watch's latest report:  a political agenda  

It should be no secret that Ethiopia regards Human Rights Watch (HRW) reports on Ethiopia with concern. HRW has demonstrated, over several years, clear evidence of deliberate bias and numerous errors of fact. Ethiopia has raised questions about HRW's coverage a number of times. It has had no satisfactory response, nor indeed any response at all. HRW's latest report - Collective Punishment: War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in the Ogaden Area of Ethiopia's Somali Regional State - demonstrates exactly why Ethiopia has consistently complained about HRW's aims and intentions: the display of a political rather than a human rights focus, the seemingly deliberate lack of balance, the extensive lack of background knowledge and of present circumstances as well as numerous inaccuracies, and the failure to investigate the interests and affiliations of its entirely external sources.
Human Rights Watch accused Ethiopian soldiers of committing atrocities in the country's eastern Somali region and called on international donors including the U.K. to suspend aid pending further investigations.
Ethiopia said on Monday it planned to produce biofuels to cut high oil import bills, but dismissed fears the strategy could hit food production in a country suffering a severe drought.
Clinton ends historic bid, endorses Obama Print E-mail
In major speech Clinton throws her "full support behind him."
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