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Ethiopia - Is A cover up in the Making in Ali’s Death? Print E-mail

Ethiopia - Is A cover up in the Making in Ali’s Death?

By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji

For any one willing to see. all the signs are there; a sign to cover up a crime. Some of the individuals who allegedly involved in the murder of Ali Ahmed Mohammed are well connected with DC politicians. Unfortunately, the statement made by some of these politicians, publicly, seems to change the course of the investigation. Sadly, some are glorifying the alleged perpetrators of this crime.
What took place at the DC superior court on October 16, 2010 gives a glimpse of picture the kind of support the alleged criminals are galvanizing. Often, court rooms are filled by friends and relatives of victims; in this case however, the court room and its hallways were filled by the supporters of those who are accused of committing this horrendous crime. The Washington Post on its October 17, 2010 report stated
“There was an audible sigh of relief when someone walked out of the courtroom shortly after noon to tell them that the charges were aggravated assault and not second-degree murder. When Spieler, Preller and Carter walked out of the courtroom not long afterward - released on home detention with electronic monitoring - the crowd erupted in applause.”
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Barack Obama's MDGs Summit Speech
US President Barack Obama’s speech at Millennium Development Goals Summit at United Nation Headquarters in New York..



Office of the Press Secretary



This brings me to the third pillar of our new approach.  To unleash transformational change, we’re putting a new emphasis on the most powerful force the world has ever known for eradicating poverty and creating opportunity.  It’s the force that turned South Korea from a recipient of aid to a donor of aid.  It’s the force that has raised living standards from Brazil to India.  And it’s the force that has allowed emerging African countries like Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique to defy the odds and make real progress toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals, even as some of their neighbors—like Cote d’Ivoire—have lagged behind.

The force I’m speaking of is broad-based economic growth.  Now, every nation will pursue its own path to prosperity.  But decades of experience tell us that there are certain ingredients upon which sustainable growth and lasting development depends.

They don’t give a dam about development Print E-mail
Nathalie Rothschild

They don’t give a dam about development

Recently, a group of international NGOs has been leading a campaing to stop the building of the Gibe III hydroelectric dam in Ethiopia. They say the dam will disrupt the local ecosystem and the traditional lifestyles of ‘indigenous people’. So why are these groups, normally so vocal about geographical displacement, not up in arms about the tragedy that has unfolded in Ethiopia over the past few weeks? At least 19 people have died and 25,000 have been displaced because of floods.

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Energy and Security Issues in the Red Sea Transforming as the Age of Gas Begins in Earnest

Now, unlike a year or two ago, Eritrea recognizes that it can no longer give Ethiopia a pretext to go to war, because it would lose that conflict. On the other hand, Ethiopia’s need for the recovery of its Red Sea access may well have been forced by the combined efforts which recently resulted in, effectively, the loss of access through the Republic of Somaliland, which has succumbed, with broad Eritrean, Iranian, and other aid, to pan-Somalist, Islamist governance. So Ethiopia must bow to whatever demands Djibouti may make on it, in order to use the port of Djibouti, or else Addis Ababa must find a way to take back its territory in the south-eastern, Afar, area of what is the modern Eritrean state.

Shame on You Senators Feingold and Leahy Print E-mail

Shame on You Senators Feingold and Leahy [Draft Bill S. 3757]

By Tecola W. Hagos

September 5, 2010

Both Senators Leahy and Feingold, shame on you for your dishonesty and misleading “findings.”  What have you gained from such outrageous statements simply blaming the victim of concerted campaign by the historic enemies of Ethiopia ? You cannot claim ignorance for you have access to intelligence reports compiled by very many agencies. How much money does Saudi Arabia, along with Egypt, Iraq, the Gulf Emirates, et cetera expend financing and arming and instigating hostilities against Ethiopia? We all know Eritrea is a poor country. Where do you think all this weapon that the Eritrean Government is distributing is coming from? Senators Feingold and Leahy do not claim you are doing all these for the benefit of Ethiopians? You are promoting the goals of Ethiopia ’s historic enemies to destroy Ethiopia for some convoluted mind bending reasons of your own. You do not, simply put, make sense!


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