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S.B. 1070 Ruling Issued By Supreme Court (FULL TEXT)

 "...Even though Obama lost on the law’s central provision – dubbed “show me your papers”

– he can use that to energize Hispanic voters, many of whom are worried that it will

result in racial profiling."  Christian Science Monitor

"No American should ever live under a cloud of suspicion because of what they look like," Obama

But how police will apply the law -- requiring immigration checks while enforcing other laws if "reasonable suspicion" of illegal immigration exists -- is "confusing," CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said.

"What does it look like in the real world to have reasonable suspicion that someone is here illegally? What is a police officer supposed to do?" Toobin asked. "How to apply that in the real world is kind of mysterious to me."



Out of Ethiopia: Is international adoption an ethical business? Print E-mail


Adoption Statistics


 International adoption is big business in Ethiopia and the country accounts for almost one in five international adoptions in the US, but how ethical is the process? BBC Africa's Hewete Haileselassie reports in this article which appeared in the latest issue of our Focus on Africa magazine.

CEO Eleni Gabre-Medhin Leaving ECX Print E-mail


 Source: CAPITAL

Anteneh Assefa, the vice president of Bank of Abyssinia (BoA),

will succeed Eleni Z. Gabre-Medhin (PhD), founder and the first

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ethiopian Commodity

Exchange (ECX), as of the coming Ethiopian New Year.

The current CEO, who founded and served the modern electronic

market since April 2008, said that she will write a book about her

experience in the exchange.

Ethiopian Government denies banning voice-over services Print E-mail

  “We have not adopted a legislation that prevents people from using internet. You can skype as much as you want"


The Office for Government Communication Affairs on Friday slammed recent reports regarding the new draft law that bans Skype, Google Talk and other uses of Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) services. The deputy head of the office, Shimelis Kemal, told reporters: “We have not adopted a legislation that prevents people from using internet. You can skype as much as you want.”

Ethiopians Report Dire Conditions in Saudi Jails Print E-mail



Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia say about 1,700 of their countrymen are being held in dire conditions at prisons in the Saudi city of Jazan.

VOA's Horn of Africa Service spoke by phone to four of the prisoners this week. The prisoners said they lack sufficient food, water and medical treatment, and that eight Ethiopian inmates have died from malaria and other causes.


Ethiopians Report Dire Conditions in Saudi Jails

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