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JANO Band Ayrak Ethiopia's Music - YouTube

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Ethiopia, a third largest concentration of Embassies and .

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Hi, all --

Checking back in quickly with one more update about the New Horizons spacecraft's mission to Pluto.

Around 8:00 a.m. Eastern yesterday, New Horizons passed within 8,000 miles of Pluto -- capturing even better images of the icy dwarf planet than those made earlier in the probe's approach.

Here is one of those remarkable, newly transmitted images:

This is the closest we've ever been to Pluto.

It's been a pretty incredible couple of days.

To top it off, say congratulations to the New Horizons team -- and then forward this message to a friend who's been tracking the mission.


-- John

Dr. John P. Holdren
Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy
The White House

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Can you guess the world's top tourism destination?

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