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Is this the Beginning of the End of the Saudi Kingdom?

I am a Muslim from India and I was very sad to see the treatment meted out to Ethiopians.

Greater Kings had ruled over Muslims in the past and none dared to touch Ethiopia because

of the commandment from our beloved prophet (peace be upon him). He had clearly stated

that Muslims should treat Ethiopians well no matter what


Click: Images for saudi arabia floods





 Mahmmad, Saudi Gazzette, SA

 Media campaign against Ethiopians which virtually alleges that most Ethiopians are

 in the Kingdom illegally, is in many ways just vilifying one particular section of

 humankind. The campaign, as if the problem of sneaking these illegals through

 the border happened only two weeks ago, is also unjustified.

23,000 Ethiopians have surrendered in KSA: envoy


I do not oppose the deporting of the Ethiopians rather the way Ethiopian
immigrants are being treated is very offensive. You can see that the way
they are being tortured and being killed by the civilians is just
unfair. Please provide this fair news in your news outlets. Thank You



Only in Saudi Arabia can a citizen sponsor a dozen of immigrants, keep their passport and

collect handsome tax. If immigrant in such circumstance happen to be in trouble for trivial

acts, such as traffic violation, they are detained until their sponsor (if alive and around)

 bails them out.

Only in Saudi Arabia can a taxi driver be beheaded for perceived drug smuggling when some

 passengers dropped drug in his taxi, intentionally or otherwise.

Only in Saudi Arabia are rampant drug and alcohol uses blamed not on the users (the Saudis)

 but solely on the suppliers, synonymous to immigrants in this part of the world.

Only in Saudi Arabia are locals bribed to live quietly and not bother the royal families.

Only in Saudi Arabia is a woman stoned to death by the government for a perceived adultery.

If the United Nations can't articulate and enforce basic standards among its member states,

dignified treatment of humans under any circumstance being the chief, what is its purpose

other than serving the interest of some!!!



Well, then such a nation should not be a member of the United Nations until it meets the most

fundamental principles of a global community: humanity and respect for one another.


Deport us!

Deport us! 

Global Protests Against Saudi Arabia - Videos Print E-mail


 PressTV - Ethiopia repatriating citizens from Saudi Arabia

Arrests at anti-Saudi protest in Ethiopia DireTube Video by DW

Ethiopian police crackdown on anti-Saudi Arabia protest following migrant worker attacks

Ethiopians in USA Protesting Saudi Arabian Violence ... - YouTube

Thousands of Ethiopian demonstrators gathered outside the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C. today to protest the killings of several Ethiopian

citizens and the violent clampdown against foreign migrants workers in Saudi Arabia. The protesters also denounced xenophobia in the kingdom

and the role of vigilante Saudi civilians in violence directed against Ethiopians.

The protesters asked “Why do they kill them, why do they rape our women? Why don’t they let them leave their country freely?”

referring to Ethiopian migrants who are currently facing abuse while being stuck in Saudi Arabia having either over-stayed their

 visa or entered the country illegally -

See also: Ethiopians in Sweden protest attacks on migrant workers in Saudi ...



Ethiopian little girl fighting Saudi Arabian men Ethiopian little girl fighting Saudi Arabian men



Washington DC

 Eritreans protesting at Saudi Arabia Embassy





Saudi Arabia should be expelled from the UN & Ethiopia should take Serious Diplomatic Measures Print E-mail

Ghelawdewos Araia, PhD
IDEA Editorial November 12, 2013


The Saudis may not be held responsible for what they do to their citizens, but they should not walk away with murder when they attack and brutalize other nationals. For this apparent reason, the Ethiopian Government should file charge against Saudi Arabia for the maiming, assault, rape, and murder of Ethiopian citizens. Moreover, Ethiopia should seriously reconsider its diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia. Any nation’s independence is tested by its performance in securing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation, and by safeguarding the fundamental rights of its citizens
If Saudi Arabia is not going to redeem the wrongful act wrought against Ethiopians and continues to violate international norms and breach international law in relation to human rights, the United Nations should consider to expel the country and terminate its membership unless and until it honors, respects, and implements the UN Declaration on Human Rights, and this by extension should apply to all other nations that breach international law with respect to human rights.

Saudi Media campaign against the Ethiopians Print E-mail
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The recent phenomenon of Ethiopia bashing in our country’s media is turning a wee bit malicious. I was surprised at the recent media campaign against Ethiopian nationals, who have been singularly targeted by the media for all the ails afflicting the country.

According to many media reports the Ethiopian nationals are the main source of all problems. They are the ones breaking into homes, manufacturing and distributing liquor, selling weapons, involved in assault and rape cases and many other things that cause discomfort to citizens and residents alike.

The campaign, which virtually alleges that most Ethiopians are in the Kingdom illegally, is in many ways just vilifying one particular section of humankind. The campaign, as if the problem of sneaking these illegals through the border happened only two weeks ago, is also unjustified.

First of all I would like to clear one thing. Any person sneaking through the border illegally should be arrested and deported; it is within the country’s right to do so and I want to make it clear that no one is questioning the action of the government if these illegals are arrested.
Eastern Nile Basin Irrigation ministers pledge joint cooperation Print E-mail


Blue Nile Falls.


Irrigation ministers from Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt rose from their one-day tripartite meeting here Monday, agreeing to form

a joint mechanism for the implementation of recommendations reached by an international committee of experts on the

projected Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

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