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 Mobile broadband over smartphones and tablets has become the fastest growing segment of the global ICT market, according to ITU’s flagship annual report Measuring the Information Society 2013.

New figures released today show buoyant global demand for information and communication technology (ICT) products and services, steadily declining prices for both cellular and broadband services, and unprecedented growth in 3G uptake.
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US Forces Hit Shabbab After Nairobi Mall Attack

October 6th 2013
Navy Seal Team 6


In a stealthy seaside assault in Somalia and in a raid in Libya's capital, U.S. special forces on Saturday struck out against Islamic extremists who have carried out terrorist attacks in East Africa, snatching a Libyan al-Qaida leader allegedly involved in the bombings of U.S. embassies 15 years ago but aborting a mission to capture a terrorist suspect linked to last month's Nairobi shopping mall attack after a fierce firefight.

A U.S. Navy SEAL team swam ashore near a town in southern Somalia before militants of the al-Qaida-linked terrorist group al-Shabab rose for dawn prayers, U.S. and Somali officials told The Associated Press. The raid on a house in the town of Barawe targeted a specific al-Qaida suspect related to the mall attack, but the operation did not get its target, one current and one former U.S. military official told AP. Read more ..

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 haters gonna hate


Demissew Gedamu

Extreme partisanship and uncivil political discourse is not the best way to accomplish anything in the body politics of Ethiopians with in Ethiopia or among the diaspora community. Nor will it ever inspire the next generation of Ethiopians.

Last month I was visiting my sister in Washington, DC.  And I was doing the obligatory and compulsory of hanging out with my DC friend at the U street hot spots, as we settled to have a drink and dinner,  when a man joined us at our table, after exchanging pleasantries the discussion delved full throttle into the Ethiopian Diaspora politics. Very quickly it was evident that I was with a minority opposing opinionme and the two gentlemen were at the opposite end of political philosophical Ethiopian politics. The good Dr. PHD of social science started making farfetched and outrageous claims of corruption and human right violation by the current and past government of EPDRF. I was a silent participant throughout the first phase of the conversation of exaggeration and out right lies, claims based on hate politics.


The conversation headed south when the good professor made an allegation that Mr. Alamuhdi is trying to make Ethiopia an Islamic nation by building mosques and funding radical Muslim movements; to prove this I have documents that corroborate these allegations,  from a former Manager of Midroc  constructions, who is a  good friend of mine  who has moved to US.. At this point I pounced to grab the opportunity and suggested the good professor to bring these documents and hand it to Washington Post and will make a head line story. I told him he might even get paid for it. I suggested we meet the next day at the same spot and I told him I will delay my trip back to my four hour drive away home by another day.






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 African Union summit of 54 states threatens to lead to rift with The Hague

A special African Union summit this month could lead to a breakdown in relations with the International Criminal Court, amid claims that the trials of the Kenyan president and his deputy in The Hague are fresh proof that the court is “hunting” African leaders.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta denies committing crimes against humanity and says his absence is dangerous and untenable.
Tensions between the African Union (AU) and the court (ICC) are nothing new, but the meeting in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopean capital, has the potential to irretrievably damage relations between them.
Kenya’s parliament voted on September 5th to leave the ICC, and it will be lobbying at the 54-country summit for a mass withdrawal by the 34 remaining AU members, or alternatively for a two-thirds majority instructing those countries to end their co-operation with the court.
“The Kenyans were criss-crossing Africa in search of support for their cause even before their parliament voted to withdraw from the ICC,” said one AU diplomat. “A complete walkout by signatories is certainly a possibility – but other requests are also possible.”
Among those other possibilities is a repeat of the AU request to have the trials of Kenyan deputy president William Ruto and of President Uhuru Kenyattaif not stopped then at least moved to Nairobi.
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Lampedusa disaster: Why men flee Eritrea
October 5, 2013


The latest tragedy in the Mediterranean has, not before time, human rights groups say, put the spotlight on the situations which drive people to make the perilous boat journey to Europe, and the many dangers they face along the way. It is believed most of the dead came from Eritrea and Somalia, so all must have taken not only the risky sea crossing, but a long and hazardous journey across...

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