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                                          Teff Injera

የጤፍ እንጀራ በባራክ ኦባማ ማዕድ 

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///Traditional Ethiopian food with Injera (source: Flicker)

Ethiopia is shaking off its image as a land of poverty and famine and is today one of Africa’s fastest growing economies. International Monetary Fund figures show that GDP growth remains robust, with the economy expected to expand by around 7.5% this year.

US market offers growth potential for Ethiopian-based food ...


Martha Stewart cooks with chef Marcus Samuelson and his friend Werkie, and together they make a traditional Ethiopian chicken stew called Doro Wat.

Video:  Learning to Cook Ethiopian Doro Wat Videos ... - Martha Stewart



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The Study of history is the best medicine for a sick mind!” Livy


የታሪክ ጥናት ለሕሙም አእምሮ ፍቱን መድኃኒት ነው።






አንድ የጥቁር ሀገር፣ በዘመናዊ መሣሪያ የታጠቀን የአውሮጳን ጦር ማሸነፉ ዓለምን ያስገረመና የኢትዮጵያን ዝና ከፍ ያደረገ፣ ነገር ግን ኢጣሊያንን ያሳፈረ ነበር።

ይህ የአድዋ ድል በተለይ ደግሞ በባርነት ሥርዓት ሲገዙና ሲጨቆኑ የነበሩ ሕዝቦች፣ እነሱም ከተባበሩና ከተደራጁ፣ ወራሪዎችንም ማሸነፍ እንደሚችሉ የተስፋ ጭላንጭል በሕሊናቸው እንዲፈነጥቅ ምክንያት ሆነ።




















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The 2013 Person of the Year of the Ethiopian-American Forum is Ethiopian-American scientist Dr. Aberra Molla. It is an honor to name Dr. Aberra who is an inventor, a researcher, a writer, an activist and an entrepreneur, as a Person of the Year 2013. 

Read below the summary of Dr. Aberra Molla's major achievements.

To recognize Dr. Molla as a Person of a given year is long overdue. However, Dr. Molla's work got more and more public attention in the year 2013 through the media such as Voice of America (VOA), Ethiopian Television ( ETV),  German Radio ( DW), etc.  Therefore, it is time to praise him forthe work well done!


Happy 2014,


Yared Bekele Mekonnen

Webmaster and Administrator of ethiopianamericanforum.com

Founding Member of Organizing for Action (OFA)

Barack Obama | Organizing for Action



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Ethiopia: "Time to bring back Eritrea from the cold" - A reply to Ambassador Cohen

January 2014

By Minga Negash

      Many observers agree that recent unfortunate developments in the Middle East can easily spillover to the Greater Horn of Africa region. There are groups that are fanning ideologies advanced by the various actors in Middle East’s sectarian conflict. In the light of the new developments in the region, it makes sense for the United States to review its relationship with Eritrea and Ethiopia and rebalance its portfolio. The interesting question for Eritrea and Ethiopia is therefore how to respond to the apparent shift in superpower policy towards the region. In this rejoinder I review the recent articles that were written by two former Ambassadors, examine the difficult areas in the relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia, and outline the options that are available for Ethiopia.

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 Peaceful Solution for South Sudan's Conflict Necessary:  Dr. Tedros

Dec 24, 2013

 Ethiopia: Al-Shabaab Poses No Threat to National Security
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