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NACCP Statement in the Acquittal of George Zimmerman Print E-mail




“Today, justice failed Trayvon Martin and his family,” said Roslyn M. Brock, Chairman of the NAACP. “We call immediately for the Justice Department to conduct an investigation into the civil rights violations committed against Trayvon Martin. This case has re-energized the movement to end racial profiling in the United States.”

The Nile River is African and Ethiopia is its hub – By Aklog Birara Print E-mail






On the religious front, both Egyptian Coptic Christians and Muslims are united in their stand with regard to the Nile. I do hope that Ethiopians of all faiths take a common stand too. Egyptians have a common view, namely, “Egypt before ideology and religion.” This shows that, despite the turmoil, Egyptian nationalism is still strong and enduring. This is in contrast to Ethiopian academics, individual intellectuals, political elites and opposition parties who do not seem to show a unity of purpose on compelling national policy issues such as building the GERD. Egyptians are doing both. I believe we can and should do the same.

The Water War between Egypt and Ethiopia Print E-mail




Commander Assefa Seifu, former commander in the Ethiopian Army

Revolt in Egypt Marks the End of America's Illusions About Arab Democracy Print E-mail




The apparent military ouster of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is a triumph for the coalition of protestors who have massed in Tahrir Square in recent days. They include many of the young, secular, tech-savvy activists who captured the world’s imagination more than two years ago, when they helped bring down Hosni Mubarak’s autocratic regime. That’s one reason the Obama Administration hasn’t attempted to stop or even condemn the coup. Morsi’s removal may well empower forces that are more friendly to the U.S. than the Muslim Brotherhood. It also signals the end of a decade-long U.S. project to bring democracy to the Middle East.

አዳዲስ እይታዎች Print E-mail


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 የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ በዓባይ የመጠቀም መብቱንማ አሳልፎ አይሰጥም!  ኢሕአፓ(ዴሞክራሲያዊ) 


 የህዳሴው ግድብ በቀን 2 ሚ. ዩሮ ገቢ ያስገኛል ተባለ

የሚያዳምጥ መንግሥት የሚደመጥ መንግሥት ይሆናል የማያዳምጥ መንግሥት የማይደመጥ መንግሥት ነው         

ለብሔራዊ ቡድኑ ዝግጅት ርብርብ እንዲደረግ ጥሪ ቀረበ 


ለብሔራዊ ቡድኑ ዝግጅት ርብርብ እንዲደረግ ጥሪ ቀረበ



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