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Yekatit 12 speech in Addis Ababa

W/o Muluwork Ayele marched with Italians

in Affile against the Graziani monument. 

The songs they are singing are anti-Fascist

songs from World War II sung by the

Italian anti-Fascist fighters:

 Ethiopian community in Atlanta staged a peaceful protest demanding the dismantlement of Graziani's statue erected in Affile, Italy in 2012. Also asked the United Nation to recognize Fascist's crime against humanity in Ethiopia between 1935-41. And asks Vatican to apologize to Ethiopian people for being partner in heinous crime committed against Ethiopian during Ethio-Italian war and being present at the inauguration of Graziani's monument and has to return the properties that had been looted.

Atlanta protests Fascist's crime against Ethiopia - YouTube





          Rodolfo Graziani’s mausoleum being inaugurated in the presence of

          a Vatican Representative BBC News - Italy memorial to Fascist hero Graziani sparks row


Italian Fascists posing after beheading an Ethiopian patriot


Field Marshal Graziani, also known as the Butcher of Fezzan, is known in history books for his brutality in putting down a local rebellion in Cyrenaica, Libya, in the 1920s.

He is also notorious for the massacre of thousands of Ethiopians in another of Italy's colonial wars a decade later, where he is reported to have said: "The Duce [Mussolini] will have Ethiopia with or without the Ethiopians".

He ordered the use of poison gas and chemical weapons against Ethiopian troops and tribesmen in contravention of the Geneva Convention, which Italy had signed.

His final post was as defense minister in Benito Mussolini's short-lived Fascist republic of Salo, just before the end of World War II.

After the war ended, he was sentenced to 19 years' imprisonment by an Italian war crimes tribunal for collaboration with the Nazis, though he was freed after serving only some of his sentence.


Videos: Fiaccolata antifascista ad Affile (Rm) #10nov2012 - YouTube

 Il monumento in memoria di rodolfo graziani gerarca fascista da ...

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On Ethiopian Radical Muslims meeting,Egyptian Imam ... - YouTube


Silence of the International Body Print E-mail


Emperor Haile Selassie addressed

the League of Nations on June 20, 1936.



International public protests in the form of peaceful demonstrations

and meetings are scheduled to take place in major cities throughout

the world on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 in remembrance of the

3-day Fascist massacre of 30,000 Ethiopians in Addis Ababa in

February 1937, as well as all of the Italian Fascist war crimes that

took place in Ethiopia, with the support of the Vatican, during 1935-41.


 Ayal-Sew Dessie


This open letter to you, Mr. Secretary, is a personal protest against your ill-advised, misleading and historically incorrect statement of September 28, 2012 that you gave at a conference in Minnesota organized by an activist group called Institute for Horn of Africa Studies and Affairs (IHASA) where you attended as a keynote speaker. The issue I am hereby protesting against has to do with your response to a participant’s question that tried to draw a parallel between South Sudan and the Ethiopian-Somali region (“the Ogaden”), with the underlined insinuation that this region of Ethiopia could have the same legitimate claim as that of South Sudan for independence.

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