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Global Financial Integrity last year said Addis Ababa lost $11.7 billion in outflows of illegal funds in the past decade.


 Corruption is inevitably a bilateral affair, corruptor and corruptee. The profit motive of the private sector should bear a greater share of the blame because it pays bribes.

 $11.7 Billion in outflows shows that Ethiopia is approaching a tipping point in regard to corruption. 

 Many governments have already started working with International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) to investigate and prosecute people and companies. Ethiopia needs assistance from the USA to check this outflow. In the context of Ethiopia and other developing countries it is a BIG HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE.  Find out the places where they hide the ILLICIT FUNDS!!

Some Ethiopians in D.C. have tried to corrupt the taxi system and others doing cash business like parking lots were caught by FBI.  We need to wake up where ever we reside! WHAT DOES THE FBI SAY ABOUT THESE OUTFLOWS OF ILLEGAL FUNDS?

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IDEA viewpoint

Ghelawdewos Araia, PhD

May 12, 2013

Corruption is a very intriguing concept in theory and an elusive human conduct enmeshed in bizarre and rather subtle but toxic human activity, and it is manifested in different forms, as well as assumes different scales and scopes. To be sure, unless there is a system in place to monitor corruption or there is a political system strong enough to mitigate, if not eliminate this disease, it could pervade the larger society like a malignant cancer.


Human societies are corruptible and corruption is as old as the first systematically organized human communities. In the Book of Genesis (6:12), it is stated, [before the Great Flood] “God observed that every human in the world was corrupt.” Ancient Egyptians had enormous literary accounts on what they call Declaration of Innocence or Negative Confessions to deter moral, social, and political corruption. Ancient philosophers like Plato and Aristotle also deal with corruption in their respective treatises; Plato, for instance, remarks on political power in his book entitledThe Republic and advises that power is good only if it is attributed to wisdom, otherwise the “imperfect humans” could be corruptible especially if the powers are not prescribed in small doses. Put otherwise, Plato logically inferred that bigger power could result in bigger corruption. In the same vein, Aristotle, like his teacher Plato, wrote an entire book on corruption entitled On Generation and Corruption.


By  Ethiopian - American  Forum.

In  Norway, as well as in California,  some Anarchists, Muslim Extremists, OLF  supporters, Shabiya  and others  recently blocked the sales of Abay Dam Bonds by force  as shown in the videos below.  Supporting the Abay Dam  has   nothing to do with supporting or opposing EPRDF (i.e. the current Government). The Abay Dam will   promote economic development in Ethiopia among other things.  Above  all,  during the five-year Italian Occupation in the 1930s, Mussolini built several roads and bridges in Ethiopia and those roads and bridges have been helping the Ethiopian people to this day despite the fact  millions  of   Ethiopians were tortured or   killed by  Mussolini and  Graziani.  Therefore, it does not matter at all  who builds the Abay Dam whether a brutal regime like Mussolini or Hitler, or Governments like that of  Haile Selassie, Mengistu or EPRDF,   since the Abay Dam will last for ever while all governments will go away in time. Therefore, all Ethiopians who truly love Ethiopia should support the Abay Dam without any reservation.

 Besides,  all who oppose the Abay Dam,   directly or  indirectly are  supporting  Ethiopia's historical enemies like Egypt whether they like it or not. Egypt has been threatening to demolish the Abay Dam if and when it is built,  and has successfully prevented the World Bank and other International Agencies  from   providing  Ethiopia with  Grants or Loans or any other financial assistance that  Ethiopia needs  to build the Abay Dam.  Here, our strong message to Egypt is that not only we will build the Abay Dam, but if Egypt does not stop such sabotage, we may decide to divert some of the Abay Water for internal use within Ethiopia and build thousands of smaller Dams  especially without international agreement in place, since we will not accept or even recognize previous "colonial treaties."  Above all, if Egypt decides to start a War with Ethiopia, we had already defeated Egypt three times in history and we will defeat Egypt  again especially with our  growing population,  our heroic people and our highlands that helped us defeat even  the Italian Colonial power that had  a larger army and  significantly     more   weapons.  But Ethiopia does not  want war with Egypt or any other country. Instead, Ethiopia it trying to build the Abay Dam  using Ethiopia's River, the Abay River(i.e.Blue Nile) without the intention of  hurting Egypt or any other Country. If Egypt refuses to understand that, we will teach her a lesson again.  Having put Egypt on Notice, let us turn to the Anarchists and extremists.

  In addition to the sabotage by Egypt as shown above,  Anarchists and Muslim  Extremists are blocking the funds coming from Ethiopians themselves. Shame on you Anarchists and Muslim  Extremists for siding with our historical Enemy, Egypt!  In fact,  history tells  us that Ethiopians did put aside  their differences among them and jointly  fought  against  foreign enemies  by siding  even with the government they hated  in order to save Ethiopia from invasion by  foreign countries.   In that regard, if we go back to 1977, during the  War between Ethiopia and Somalia, some leftist organizations supported   Somalia    so that   the Ethiopian Army could be defeated  and    Mengistu's Regime could fall. However, the Ethiopian People overwhelmingly stood with Mengistu in order to save Ethiopia from Somalian  invasion despite the fact that the  majority of Ethiopians were  opposing  Mengistu at that time. Thus, opposing the Abay Dam and  siding with Ethiopia's major  enemies  such as Egypt is not what heroic  Ethiopians are known  for. Therefore, we are alerting those who truly love Ethiopia, but misguided by anarchists and extremists, to come back and support the Abay Dam while continuing to  oppose EPRDF  on any other issue if that is what they wish to do. Thus, the lesson here is,  it is  possible for an Ethiopian  to  support  the Abay Dam, and still   oppose  the current Government at the same time  for any other reason.
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The young Aberra Molla demonstrating science to Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, the royal family and guests (1965).

ግዕዝ በኮምፕዩተር እንዲሠራ ከፈጠሩት ከዶ/ ኣበራ ሞላ የግዕዝ ቀለሞች በኣንድና ሁለት መርገጫዎች እንዲከተቡ የፈጠሩትን

 ኣዲስ ዘዴ ሕዝቡ በነፃ በኣማርኛ እንዲጠቀምበት ኣበርክተዋል። የኣዲስ ኣበባ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ተማሪዎች ግሩም ኣስተያየትም ኣለበት።

 በነፃ ድረገጽ ላይ በግዕዝኤዲት ለመጻፍ የሚከተለውን ይጫኑ፦ http://freetyping.geezedit.com


 The video on ETV (9/26/2012) is demonstration by Dr. Aberra Molla, inventor of Ethiopic

computerization and keyboard, about the free GeezEdit web site to type in Amharic.

 Listen to the smart Addis Abeba University engineering students and enjoy the patent-pending

 Ethiopic application. The free web site to type in Amharic is at http://freetyping.geezedit.com


Dr. Aberra Molla is a famous Ethiopian American scientist. Apart from the panacea against

 immune deficiency in the 70’s, he computerized Ethiopic in the 80’s and recently invented a simple

 method of typing the more than 564 Geez glyphs with one and two keystrokes each, virtually similar

 to typing the English alphabet on computers.

Dr. Aberra Molla interview on ETV 9/26/2012 - YouTube

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