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 On a Day Devoted to Past Events, Focus on New Terror Link





When do Ethiopians celebrate New Year?

On September 11th of the Gregorian Calendar, and September 12th every four years because of the leap year.  

Ethiopian Police Shut down the Premiere of a Drama Film Print E-mail







'A video shared by Awramba  Times shows people smiling for photographs before the premiere at the National Theatre in the capital, Addis Ababa. Then the video cuts to a pre-recorded message from Angelina Jolie, who did not attend the event. “I hope you will continue to make films that will advance the art of film-making, share untold stories of Ethiopia, and shed light on our common humanity,” Jolie told the audience. Then the video cuts again to the director, Mehari, who, with his child in one hand and a microphone in the other, speaks in Amharic and then English to tell the audience that the government has canceled the  event.'

Awramba Times video from Diretube news


 “…… We have not been informed prior to this. The Ministry of Culture knows about this and the government knows about this. This is the first time we are hearing it……….” 

Zere-Senai Berhane Mehari 



“I wish they would honor the profession and stopped it before it was scheduled for showing or after it had been shown. I am really saddened.”

Actress Meron Getenet




Is there a Court Order?   If so, does the court have EXTRAORDINARY BASIS for considering the eleventh hour submission of Motion for Injunction?  

Can the court remedy the situation by awarding damages including expenses and fees if the plaintiff is successful in the merit of the case? 

Is there any irreparable damage to the plaintiff if the show continues and the court starts hearing the case?

Courts should realize that this kind move is subject to abuse, only justified in extraordinary cases, and would generally NOT grant such an Order where damages are sufficient to make the plaintiff whole if successful in the Merit of the case.

Why did they hand over the Injunction at 5:25 PM when the hall was filled with some 1,200 people?  Why not before? Please keep in mind that Equitable remedies such as Injunction are not intended to EMBARASS, FRUSTRATE AND DISCOURAGE PEOPLE.

 “He who seeks equity must do equity”

"He who comes into equity must come with clean hands."



 Difret Film


Video: Difret Film Banned in Ethiopia DireTube Video by Awramba ...

Sundance Institute Announces Films in U.S. and World ...  

'DIFRET' - Playing at AFI Silver on March. 20th @ 7:15pm ... 

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Joe Biden Says U.S. Will Follow ISIS to the 'Gates of Hell' 

"Because hell is where they will reside" 

Ebola Virus: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention Print E-mail




Ebola Virus: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention - WebMD

CNN- The Addis Ababa City Light Rail Way Print E-mail





 SebenSema - Guragegna [NEW! Music Video] DireTube ...



 CNN The Vision - The Addis Ababa City Light Rail - Strike ...     NEGAS MELES SHEW SHEW NEADEY




 Beseba Dereja (Lyrics Music Video) DireTube Video by ...

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