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The Travel Show: Ethiopia, a great new frontier in tourism (audio)

Podcast: Ethiopia is easy to get to, with direct flights from London and Frankfurt. Next year, it will get even easier with a new Ethiopian Airlines route from Addis Ababa to Los Angeles making a stop in Dublin

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 He came to America at age 17 with just $500 in his pocket and supported himself working as a cab driver. While working on a student project at San Francisco City College, Dosho came up with the idea for the Bowflex exercise machine. He patented the concept and attempted to license the idea to fitness equipment manufacturers. Lacking vision, they all declined. He then wrote a business plan with help from the MBDA, and started marketing the product directly to consumers in the early 1980s. He led his company to a successful IPO, forming a public company called Direct Focus, Inc. (DFXI) with a market cap of over $1 billion. Millions of Bowflex units have been sold in the United State and abroad, and the brand is now owned and marketed by The Nautilus Group (NYSE:NLS). Dosho has 14 patents and 4 pending patents worldwide.

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  • Ethiopia: Country Protected from Possible al-Shabab Attacks
  • Video: Ethiopia "vigilant at all times" against al-Shabab threat 
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    Congrats to Malala for winning the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize!

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    Ginbot7 hooligans stomping the Ethiopian flagPulling down the Ethiopian Flag



    (For Immediate Release)

    Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans residing in Washington DC and Metropolitan area conduct successful Demonstration

    Washington DC, October 7, 2014: In a peaceful demonstration today in front of the State Department, Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans residing in Washington DC and its metropolitan area express their support for the excellent and strong relations that exist between Ethiopia and the United States of America. Through a statement read at the demonstration, they wish to contribute to strengthen and deepen this relationship by serving as a bridge between the governments and peoples of the two countries with a view of making the relationship all rounded and grounded on a solid basis.

    Furthermore, they also support the remarkable progress that their home country Ethiopia is making in all fields. Most of all, they support for the peace and stability that Ethiopia has been able to achieve within itself, as well as its great contribution and its efforts to attain peace and stability in a region. They took this opportunity to once again express their satisfaction on the excellent cooperation that exists between the two countries in the areas of regional peace and security.

    On the other hand, they express their dissatisfaction on the activities of few extremist elements in the Ethiopian Diaspora, who are unhappy about the excellent relations between the two countries and bent on derailing them by any means at their disposal, including through illegal and violent means. In this connection, they raise their disappointments and reflect their grave concerns on the actions of a group of people who stormed the Embassy of Ethiopia in Washington DC on September 29, 2014 and brought down the Ethiopian flag and threatened the personal security of its Diplomats and employees.

    In this demonstration, they raise the following major concerns:

    ·         They are concerned that those people who trespassed and destroyed Embassy property are given a free reign to threaten and intimidate Ethiopians here in the United States.

    ·         They are concerned that these extremist have publicly announced to harass and intimidate Ethiopian government officials, diplomats and their families, and Ethiopian Americans deemed to be supporters of the government.

    ·         They are concerned for the safety and security of the Embassy staff and their families.

    Therefore, as citizens and residents of this great nation, they request:

    ·         The perpetrators of the crime committed against the Embassy of Ethiopia on September 29, 2014 be brought to justice.

    ·         Investigation be launched into the constant intimidation being made by members and supporters of Ginbot 7 and its media arm , ESAT, on American citizens and Ethiopians resident in this country, as well as visiting High Level Ethiopian officials and Ethiopian diplomats.


    ·         The premises of the Ethiopian Embassy and its diplomats be afforded protection from these lawless groups and individuals.

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