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Ethiopia's National Day

US Department of State  

 (BREAKING NEWS) protest against Tamagne Beyene ...


Press Statement

Marie Harf
Deputy Department Spokesperson, Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
May 27, 2015


 The United States commends the people of Ethiopia for their civic participation in generally peaceful parliamentary and regional elections on May 24. We acknowledge the National Electoral Board’s organizational efforts and the African Union’s role as the only international observer mission on the ground. We also note the importance of the nine televised party debates as progress in fostering open public discussion of the challenges facing the country. We encourage all candidates, political parties and their supporters to resolve any outstanding differences or concerns peacefully in accordance with Ethiopia’s constitution and laws.

Ethiopia's May 24 Parliamentary and Regional Elections

US Department of State   


African observers say Ethiopia poll credible, opposition cries foul 

Ethiopian Ruling Coalition Wins Majority of Parliament Seats - Bloomberg

Ethiopia's ruling party EPRDF sweeps elections - Al Jazeera English 



Ambassel - Misto Misto - New 2015 Ethiopian ... - YouTube 


Yegna, The Sound of All of Us - YouTube 

Yegna - የኛ ስደት Sidet (Migration) - NEW! Music ... - YouTube 



 Hailemariam Desalegn, Prime Minister of Ethiopia - YouTube 



John Kerry Visits Somali Capital Mogadishu 



Take a look at what he had to say:

Watch the President's message.

Ezana Sehay 5/2/2015

When an accredited media outlet, abandons objectivity and due diligence in order to further a political agenda, it is a cautionary tale of the harm done to journalism.

Take for instance the Washington Post’s April 30th editorial – “The United States’ Irresponsible Praise of The Ethiopian Regime”, which was a censure of the apparent revised US policy toward Ethiopian domestic politics. The new policy as proclaimed by Undersecretary Wendy Sherman, and later substantiated by the state department – would stand by the Ethiopian democratic process and would sternly oppose anyone attempting to derail it. 

Frankly the Ethiopian people didn’t pay much attention to it, because as much as they appreciate the policy shift, the Ethiopian democracy is on solid footing and is more than able to defeat any charlatan. In fact, some say, what all the publicity did is raise the profile of the groups who declare war on the Ethiopian government, but for all intents and purposes are as good as dead.

Furthermore, we knew there will be those who would be (to put it mildly) displeased by the new Ethio-American understanding. But we never expected The Washington Post to be in line with them.

The paper is known for its critical stance pertaining to President Obama’s foreign policy. So, is the aforementioned editorial a perpetuation of the trend (a rebuff to Obama), or is it really aimed at the Ethiopian government?

Notwithstanding, the piece is unbecoming to the prestige of the newspaper. Indeed the accusations labeled against the Ethiopian government looks like a cut and paste from some of the reports by the issue-advocacy groups critical of the government.  That is why the piece has too many holes.

In other words, the paper failed to do its customary investigation and learn about the country’s prevailing political reality. Rather kept fishing for a story - The more the alarmist the better to fit its antecedent ideological template of Ethiopian politics.  

This is nothing short of journalistic malpractice. It looks like the folks at The Washington Post are not concerned about their professional laxity as long as they find a story that merely feeds what they are looking for.

Journalism is a big canvas that can shelter both reportage and bias opinions. But opinions (such as this editorial), generally belong in the comment section. Even then, debates must be based on evidence.

Otherwise, when journalists and (in this case) editors, use their privilege to advance their political partiality at the expense of objectivity, they are cheating the public and degrade the journalistic profession.


Read also: The United States' irresponsible praise of Ethiopia's regime

Washington Post  



Top of the list, as so often, are three Scandinavian countries: Finland, which has been in first place for five years in succession, followed by Norway and Denmark. At the other end of the scale, Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea, in last place, were the worst performers. France is ranked 38th (up one place), the United States 49th (down three places), Japan 61st (down two places), Brazil 99 (up 12 places), Russia 152 (down four places), Iran 173rd (unchanged),  China 176th (down one place) and Ethiopia 142 (up one place).

2015 World Press Freedom Index 

Obama: Press freedom "vital" to democracy 


National Human Development Report for Ethiopia - UNDP ... 

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Report: Egypt Preparing Large Assault Against ISIS in Libya

Large-scale Egyptian army massed for operation to capture eastern Libya from ISIS 


 Unverified photo

Islamic State chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has died, claims Radio Iran 

ISIS posts video of purported mass beheading Print E-mail


Islamic State: Thousands of Ethiopians march in government rally over murder of Christians by IS militants 

Ethiopian mass protest against IS killings in Libya BBC

Ethiopia in mourning for victims of Islamic State violence - BBC News 



Ethiopia lawmakers to weigh possible response to ISIS killings




Ethiopia’s government has not yet indicated how it will respond to the killings and has not yet been able to verify whether the men shown on the video were its citizens. “Nonetheless, the Ethiopian government condemns the atrocious act,” government spokesman Redwan Hussein told Reuters, adding that the country would help repatriate Ethiopians if they wanted to leave Libya.

ISIS Ethiopian Christians Video: Obama Administration ... 



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